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Will writing

Importance of will writing?

Individuals aged 18 and above, possessing the mental capacity, are encouraged to engage in the process of will writing. Crafting a comprehensive will is crucial, as it serves to guarantee that, upon your passing, your family, friends, and any charitable entities you endorse will receive the designated assets and provisions according to your wishes.

 It ensures that your family doesn’t stress out at the time of difficulties as it goes to the right place at the right time. It can also minimize excessive inheritance tax on the estate you leave behind.

It is very hard to think about your death, but it must happen now or later. But if you have organized your personal and financial affairs then it will be a great satisfaction and peace of mind. You will also avoid extra cost, disadvantage, and perhaps disappointment.

 It is the best time to tackle financial tasks when you are healthy and able to think and decide clearly about the financial and family’s future. Then you can enjoy your life securely. And you get the knowledge that everything will be provided to your loved ones as you wish.

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Avoid Upsets in the Family with
a Well-Written Will

Most people desire their life savings and belongings to go where they intend. Without a legally written will, issues may arise:

Uncertainty and Disputes:

An unprofessionally written will lead to disputes among family members, questioning the validity of assets’ distribution.

Ambiguity of Beneficiary:

A faulty will can cause uncertainty about who should inherit assets, potentially causing family conflicts.

Youngest Children:

Without specifying guardians for minor children, the court may assign them against the parents’ wishes.

Complexity of Estate Tax:

Improper estate planning may result in excessive estate taxes, minimizing assets for heirs.

Estate Settlement Detention:

A poorly written will can cause disputes, significantly delaying estate settlement and asset distribution.

Personal Property Loss:

Improperly written wills risk distributing personal belongings to the wrong recipients.

Our will writing service

Here’s How We Can
Help You…

At Orange Legal, our experienced solicitors in the UK are here to assist you in planning and creating a will that complies with your conditions and wishes. Our Will Writing Service includes:

Basic Wills Write: Planning and creating simple wills for individuals or couples with straightforward asset distribution and heir’s titles.

Difficult Estate Planning: Legal assistance and guidance for clients facing more complex financial conditions.

Inheritance Tax Planning: Planning a proper will to minimize inheritance tax and preserve more of your wealth.

Charitable Commitment: Assisting clients who wish to donate assets to a charitable organization in planning a proper will.

Existing Wills Update: Updating old wills to comply with current law.

Estate Administration: The most significant element of an estate is its administration. We ensure proper administration to avoid disputes.

Validation of Assets: Assisting in accurately assessing and validating your will.

Solving Estate Disputes: Guiding in resolving disputes related to your estate for a peaceful environment.

Online Will Creation: Offering an online, user-friendly way to plan and create your will with our expert team via video call.

Personal Consultations: Providing in-person and virtual consultations with experienced solicitors and legal experts.

will Writing services package

Will Writing Service

  • Single Will £69

  • Payable in 3 easy instalments

  • Interest Free

  • No Admin Fees

  • £29 – on instruction then 2 further payments of £20

Where To Start?

Will Writing Steps

Step 1

First, consider what you have and to whom you want to leave it.

Step 2

Contact us to book an appointment with our expert solicitors in the office, on the phone, or via Zoom.

Step 3

At the meeting, your consultant will ask you questions about your family, assets, and your wishes.

Step 4

You will be inquired about anybody who is financially dependent on you, such as children or spouses.

Step 5

Your consultant will suggest who to name as Executors, Guardians, and Trustees, advising them of their role.

Step 6

The consultant may ask about your pensions to provide advice on using them efficiently for your loved ones.

Step 7

Provide details of any life insurance policies for assessment by our financial adviser.

Step 8

Discuss your funeral wishes and how you plan to pay for it.

Step 9

Provide beneficiary information to ensure your loved ones receive what you intend. A Trust within your Will might be written to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Step 10

After obtaining all information, your adviser will draft your Will for your checking and confirmation.

Step 11

 If you are satisfied with your Will, sign it in front of 2 independent witnesses and pay the charged fee.

Step 12

Once signed, your Will is legally binding and needs secure storage to prevent loss or destruction, with a small fee charged for this service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in the UK, the executor of a will is typically required to sign various legal documents during the probate process. These documents may include the application for a Grant of Probate. The executor's signature serves as confirmation of their willingness to take on the responsibilities outlined in the will and to act in accordance with the deceased's wishes. It's important for the executor to follow the legal procedures diligently, seeking professional advice if needed, to ensure a smooth administration of the estate.

In your UK will, it's crucial to avoid vague language, unrealistic conditions, and ambiguous instructions. Additionally, steer clear of making promises that may be difficult to fulfil, as well as including personal and private details that could compromise your beneficiaries' privacy. It's advisable to consult with a legal professional to ensure your will adheres to the legal requirements and is clear and enforceable.

A mirror will, also known as a mutual or reciprocal will, is a legal document where two individuals create similar wills, typically spouses. In the event of one person's death, the surviving individual agrees to uphold the terms outlined in the mirror will. This ensures both parties' wishes are respected, commonly involving leaving assets to each other and agreed-upon beneficiaries. Legal advice is recommended to ensure the wills are legally binding and accurately reflect both parties' intentions.

The cost of a will varies, with solicitor fees ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. Online services may start from £20 to £100. For a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), the registration fee is £82 per type. Solicitor fees for LPAs vary. Prices may change, so check with professionals for current rates.

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