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What is a Lasting Power of Attorney(LPA)?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that allows you to appoint one or more people you trust to assist you in making decisions if you lose mental capacity and are unable to make your own decisions due to accident or illness either short or long term.  By putting an LPA in place you have control over who makes these decisions for you if you do lose mental capacity in the future.

Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance
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Why should I have a
Lasting Power of Attorney?

LPA Guideline

Lasting Power of
Attorney Guide :

Lasting Power of Attorney-Requirements for a valid LPA

For an LPA to be legally valid LPA, it must follow certain criteria:

The Steps

Setting up a Lasting
Power of Attorney

Step 1

Consult with one of our experts to understand how LPAs work, discuss your chosen attorneys, and determine when and how they should act on your behalf.

Step 2

Provide your full name, address, date of birth, and your chosen attorney's details to your adviser.

Step 3

Your consultant will draft your LPAs as per your instructions and advise on perfecting them.

Step 4

Review and approve your LPA with your consultant. Sign your sections in the form if everything is satisfactory.

Step 5

The adviser will sign the "Certificate Provider" announcement to confirm your understanding.

Step 6

Sign off your attorneys. If they can't come to the office, we'll send the forms to them with their responsibilities and instructions. Your attorneys sign. We will send the forms to them with their responsibilities and instructions.


Step 7

Sign again, as required by the register, and pay the registration fees.

Step 8

Your consultant will send your LPAs to the Office of Public Guardian for registration.


Step 9

The registration process can take up to 26 weeks, you will be notified of progress.


Step 10

Typically, we receive the registered LPA after 20-26 weeks, and it will be sent to your address with a guide on how to use it.


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