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Inheritance Tax

What is an Inheritance Tax Planning?

In the realm of financial foresight, inheritance tax planning in UK, often termed estate planning or legacy planning, involves the strategic structuring of your financial matters to mitigate the burden of excessive inheritance tax (IHT) on your assets. In the United Kingdom, upon an individual’s demise, their estate, encompassing assets such as property, investments, savings, and personal belongings, may become subject to inheritance tax.

Initiating the estate-planning journey, the creation of a Will stands out as the paramount initial step. A well-crafted Will serves as the instrument to enact one’s wishes posthumously. By doing so, it circumvents reliance on the intestacy rules that dictate the fate of an estate in the absence of a Will. In such instances, the law dictates the estate’s distribution, potentially causing financial distress for survivors, coupled with immediate challenges or the imposition of inheritance tax (IHT) upon the initial decease.

The significance of Wills extends to unmarried individuals with children, possessing substantial assets. Under the rules of intestacy, in the absence of a Will, the estate would be bequeathed to their parents. Crafting a Will becomes indispensable in securing the desired disposition of assets and avoiding potential complications that may arise.

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The Significance of
Inheritance Tax Planning

How We Can Help You?

In the United Kingdom, estate duty is levied on the assets of a deceased individual. Failing to meticulously plan for your assets could result in a substantial portion being subject to taxation, potentially diminishing the inheritance you envisioned for your heirs.

 Estate duty planning is integral in devising a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the tax impact on your estate while safeguarding your wealth for your beneficiaries.

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Inheritance Tax Services

Why choose Orange Legal?

Orange Legal offers various inheritance tax UK services designed for certain conditions. Our expert solicitors will work closely with you to develop a plan for reaching your financial goals and protecting your assets. Our services include:

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Inheritance Tax Assessment

We evaluate your estate's prevailing inheritance tax liability, providing insights into potential tax implications.

Trust Planning

We assist in formulating trust plans to secure your wealth, provide for your loved ones, and mitigate inheritance tax.

Tax-Saving Strategies

We offer sound tax advice to minimise your taxable estate or assets.

Probate Services

Our experts navigate you through the probate process, ensuring accurate calculating inheritance tax uk and compliance with all legal requirements.

Legacy Protection

We aid in creating a lasting legacy that can withstand complexities, reflecting your values and providing for your family while reducing financial liabilities.

Tax-Efficient Will Drafting

Our solicitors craft wills with tax-saving considerations, ensuring optimal protection for your assets.

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Safeguarding Your Family's Financial Prospects

Estate duty (commonly referred to as inheritance tax or IHT) can wield a significant influence on the careful management of the wealth you leave behind for your heirs. Engaging in proficient estate duty planning is essential to reduce the tax burden and guarantee that your assets are administered and distributed in alignment with your preferences. At Orange Legal, we specialise in estate duty planning in the UK, committing ourselves to provide guidance and assistance to ensure the security of your family’s financial future.

Inheritance Tax Planning UK benefits

Benefits of Inheritance Tax Services

Wealth Preservation: Proper planning can help preserve a large portion of your assets for your wished one.

Asset Protection: Inheritance tax planning can protect your assets from excessive taxation.

Control:  You exercise control over your assets and decide how to distribute and manage them.

Peace of Mind:  It gives you peace of mind knowing your family’s future is secure.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

If you are thinking about the impact of inheritance tax on your estate, Orange Legal is here to help. Contact us today to book an appointment and take the first step to secure your family’s financial future. Our experienced solicitors in the UK will work closely with you to find your needs and apply an inheritance tax planning strategy that leads to your financial goals and circumstances.