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Peace of Mind at an Affordable Cost

At Orange Legal, we pride ourselves on offering expert Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, and Probate services designed to provide peace of mind at an affordable cost. Additionally, our team of friendly and approachable advisers is dedicated to making the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Whether you’re planning for your future or assisting a loved one, we are here to help

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Why should you choose

Experienced Advisers: Our professional team has extensive experience in Will writing and estate planning, ensuring your wills are honoured.

Fixed Fee Services: We offer transparent, fixed fee options payable in interest-free monthly instalments.

Convenient Appointments: We provide flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends, to suit your schedule.

Comprehensive Services: From basic Wills to complex estate planning, we cover all aspects of Will writing and probate services.

Expert : Based on your wishes, our legal department drafts a legally enforceable will.

Reasonably priced : With fixed pricing, all our services are intended to give you great value for your money.

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Our Services

Will Writing

Making a Will is crucial to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Additionally, a well-drafted Will can reduce stress for your family and minimise inheritance tax. Our Will Writing Service London includes:

  • Basic Wills: Suitable for individuals or couples with straightforward wishes.
  • Complex Estate Planning: For those with property protection needs for vulnerable beneficiaries.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning: Strategies to minimise inheritance tax and preserve your wealth.
  • Will Updates: Updating existing Wills to reflect new wishes or comply with current laws.
  • Online Will Creation: A convenient, cost-effective way to create your Will through phone or video calls.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to appoint trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity. This ensures that your affairs are managed by those you trust during times of illness or incapacity. Our LPA service includes:

  1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your needs and explain the process.
  2. Document Preparation: We prepare the necessary forms for your attorneys to sign.
  3. Registration: We handle the registration process with the Office of Public Guardian.
  4. Completion: Upon registration, you receive the official LPA document with a guide on its use.

Probate Assistance

Losing a loved one is challenging, and dealing with their estate can add to the stress. Our Probate Assistance service is designed to make the process easier. We offer:

  • Simple Estates: Assistance with straightforward estates.
  • Grant Only Service: Helping you obtain the Grant of Probate.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Payable in easy, interest-free instalments.
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Do you need a will?

One of the things that many people put off is creating a wish.  A will is a legally enforceable instrument, determining what happens to your money, belongings, and property—collectively referred to as your “estate”—when you die.

A will gives you no control over what happens to your assets and money after you die, which is very important.

In addition to naming your “beneficiaries,” or the people who benefit from your will, a will also names “executors,” or the people who will manage your estate after you pass.

Importantly, if you die without a will, the “law of intestacy” determines how your assets will be distributed according to established legal guidelines, which may not reflect your wishes.

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Drafting a will

Purpose behind drafting a will

  • Your children are counting on you. If your children are under 18, you should think about who will take care of them after your death, as well as making sure they have enough money.
    You can do this by designating a legal guardian or guardian in your will. However, if you die without a will and no one else has parental responsibility, the court will decide who will look after your children. Therefore, it is important to document your wishes in a will as they may not align with it.
  • Your partner and you are not married. If you don’t want to, you shouldn’t expect anything to go to your partner unless you’re married or in a civil partnership, which is the case for 50% of adults over 16 in England and Wales.
    “Worst case scenario, however, it could mean they can’t continue to live in the home you share. If you die without a will, moreover, your spouse who is financially dependent on you may have to go through the legal process to get financial support from your estate. See Will and cohabitation.”
  • Your concern is inheritance tax. When you die, inheritance tax (IHT) may be due on any estate worth more than £325,000. For example, by giving your spouse everything up to the £325,000 level (as the spouse has no IHT on money and assets), the will can help you avoid IHT.

Personal situation

  • Your personal situation evolves. Whether you marry, divorce or have children, write or amend your will to ensure that the right people benefit. It should be noted that being married immediately “revokes” any existing will in England and Wales (but not in Scotland).
  • You have special funeral preferences. You can give directions for your funeral if you have specific ideas about it, to save your family from being judged.
  • You hold property jointly with another person or abroad. If you have a “joint tenancy” agreement, the other owner will automatically inherit your home upon your death under the “survivorship” statute. However, if you are ‘tenant in common’ with your property, the intestacy laws will apply in the absence of a will. When drafting a will, remember that inheritance law may differ from UK law if you own property abroad. When in doubt, consult a lawyer.
  • A beneficiary listed in your will has died. If you already have a will and a beneficiary of your estate has died, especially one of the main beneficiaries, you should think about amending your will (unless it already says otherwise). If you update your will, you can specify that you don’t want to benefit from it, rather than making a gift to someone you want to inherit.
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Understanding Wills

A Will is a legal document that expresses your preferences for how your assets should be divided and how any minor children should be raised. Your wishes could not be fulfilled if you pass away without a will. Moreover, your heirs may wind up spending additional time, money, and emotional energy to settle your affairs after you’re gone.

Types of Wills

  • Simple Wills: This is a basic Will suitable for individuals or couples with straightforward wishes regarding the distribution of their assets.


  • Mirror Wills: These are identical Wills made by two people (usually spouses or partners) that reflect each other’s wishes.


  • Living Wills: This document specifies your preferences for medical treatments if you are unable to communicate your wishes.


  • Testamentary Trust Wills: These Wills include one or more trusts that come into effect upon your death.

Common Mistakes in Will Writing

  • Not Updating the Will: Failing to update your Will after major life changes can lead to complications.


  • Unclear Instructions: Vague language can cause disputes among beneficiaries.


  • Improper Witnessing: If the Will is not properly witnessed, it could be deemed invalid.


  • Ignoring Tax Implications: Not considering the tax implications can result in a higher tax burden for your heirs.
Where To Start?

Steps to Creating a Will

Assess Your Assets

Make a list of all your assets including property, savings, investments, and personal possessions.

Choose Beneficiaries

Decide who will inherit your assets. They might be charity, friends, or relatives. 

Appoint Executors

Executors are responsible for carrying out your Will’s instructions.

Appoint Guardians for Minors

If you have children under 18, appoint guardians to take care of them.

Draft the Will

Using our service, we help draft the Will to ensure it is legally sound and reflects your wishes.

Sign the Will

It must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are not beneficiaries.

Store the Will Safely

Keep the original Will in a safe place using our secure storage service and we will inform your executors of its location.

When it comes to making a will, you have choices. You can use a DIY Will Kit, use your bank, contact a solicitor or complete the process online. However, all these techniques involve additional dangers or hassles. However, there is a superior method.

To minimise any stress during the process, we arrange for a qualified legal advisor to meet you in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you.

Give us the hard work.

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Financial Will Writing
at OrangeLegal

We offer a wide range of services in our will writing service London, from our mirror wills to fully customised personal estate planning services that can include protective wills, trusts, guardianships, lasting powers of attorney (LPAs ), Inheritance Tax Planning, and Long Term Care Fee Planning.

What type of services do we offer in will writing service London?

Regardless of the value of their estate, OrangeLegal Financial believes that everyone in London should have access to reasonably priced, appropriate, and legally binding wills that protect them and their beneficiaries. 

Being a family-run financial services firm, OrangeLegal is confident in its unique position and ability to support our clients, their families and future generations. 

Our London based
financial services

Our experts are well-versed in estate and financial planning. This means we can provide guidance to all our clients in London on a wide range of financial and estate planning matters, such as:

Where To Start?

Our will writing assistance
streamlines the process

Creating a will can be quick and easy if you hire a will writing service to give you the right guidance. Additionally, our will writing service London at OrangeLegal will assign you as a professional. Furthermore, we will assist you through the entire process from start to finish. Moreover, our Will Writing Advisers are available to discuss your will, offer advice, and help you create a Will that suits you and your circumstances.

In summary, our three-step process ensures a smooth and efficient service:

Getting in Touch

Contact us via phone or email to start the process.

Getting to Know You

We arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and wishes.

Getting it Done

We prepare the necessary documents and guide you through signing and storing them securely.

When it comes to making a will, you have choices. You can use a DIY Will Kit, use your bank, contact a solicitor or complete the process online. However, all these techniques involve additional dangers or hassles. However, there is a superior method.

To minimise any stress during the process, we arrange for a qualified legal advisor to meet you in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you.

Give us the hard work.

Will Storage

Keeping your Will safe is essential. We offer secure storage for just £4.99 per month, which includes:

  • Safe, Secure Storage
  • Free Helplines for Executors, Guardians, and Trustees
  • Free Yearly Review and Updates


Cost of writing a will

  • Single Will: £69 (Payable in three easy instalments: £29 on instruction, then two further payments of £20. Plus £4.99 per month for Client Care Program)
  • Pair of Mirror Wills: £99 (Payable in three easy instalments: £39 on instruction, then two further payments of £30. Plus £5 per month for Will Secure Storage Package)

Probate Assistance

  • Simple Estates: £699 (Payable in easy instalments, interest-free, with no admin fees or credit checks)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone over 18 should consider making a Will. Indeed, it is the only way to ensure your family, friends, and any charities you support receive what you intend to leave them after your death. Moreover, a well-written Will:

  • Ensures Correct Asset Distribution: Reduces stress and prevents disputes among family members.
  • Reduces Inheritance Tax: Helps in planning to minimise tax on your estate.
  • Appointed Guardians for Minor Children: Ensures your children are cared for by someone you trust.

Prevents Delays: Avoids lengthy legal processes and ensures timely distribution of assets.


If you die without a Will, your estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy, which may not reflect your wishes. It could also lead to family disputes and delays in distributing your assets.

While it is possible to write your own Will, it is advisable to use a professional service to ensure it is legally sound and reflects your wishes accurately. Mistakes in a DIY Will can lead to complications and disputes.

It is recommended to review and update your Will every five years or after major life events such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, or significant changes in your financial situation.

An executor is responsible for carrying out the instructions in the Will, while a beneficiary is someone who receives an inheritance from the Will.

The probate process can take several months to over a year, depending on the complexity of the estate and whether there are any disputes.

Choose someone you trust, who understands your wishes and is capable of managing your affairs. It is also advisable to discuss your decision with the person before appointing them.

A will is a legal document that enables you to specify what will happen to your assets (cash, real estate, investments, and other items) and your minor children after your death.

Moreover, there are various will options that can be tailored to meet specific needs. For instance, does this apply only to you or to you and your spouse? A single will is a simple document for people who want to document their own personal wishes. On the other hand, if your will is very similar to someone else's, usually your spouse or partner, you may wish to jointly make a simple mirror will.

As an alternative, various trust wills are offered. If you want to support your spouse but also have children from a past relationship, this may be more appropriate. Additionally, a trust can protect your estate from the cost of care facilities. It also can preserve inheritance in the event a beneficiary becomes unable to manage their own finances.

There are several ways you can divide your property when drafting a will:

  • A fixed amount of money (say, £5,000 to your nephew) is known as a financial bequest.
  • A specific object (such as a piece of jewellery or a family heirloom) is known as a specific bequest.
  • A portion of your estate (after all other debts are settled) is known as a residuary bequest.

It is also conceivable for your wishes that if you were to survive someone. You would prefer to give them a gift; Otherwise, it should be given to someone else. We refer to this as a recursive will.

Indeed, they could. As long as they are over 18, there is no reason why a friend, relative or anyone else who stands to benefit from your will cannot act as an executor. Would it be more relevant to ask about their willingness and ability to act as executors? If you're not sure, it's worth having this discussion with them first.

It's a popular misconception that making a will is only beneficial if you own your home or other significant assets. However, this is untrue, as a will addresses much more than just ownership of real estate.

When Others force someone to draft or change a will they already have in a way that deviates from their original intentions—usually to their advantage—this is referred to as undue influence.

Undue influence is usually exemplified by coercion, fear, or threats from another person. It may also happen that someone cheats or lies to influence your decisions in your will.

Take steps to reduce your chances of being contested after your death due to undue influence. Especially if it involves an unexpected gift or deviates from your previously stated wishes.

At OrangeLegal Services, our will writers perform due diligence to ensure you are not acting in an improper capacity. Furthermore, these checks are recorded and will be available if your will is contested in the future.

no You should not sign your will in front of any beneficiaries. Additionally, the spouse or civil partner of the beneficiary should not testify. If they see your desire, their gift may not work.

Even if they all have to leave their personal belongings, almost everyone has something. You may not have a lot of money or possessions right now, but that doesn't mean you won't have more to give up later. Are you a lottery player? Is it possible that you may inherit something from family members? Putting your preferences in writing through a will ensures that you have control over your estate. Since, no one can accurately predict when or how much they will own when they die.

Yes, you can include any information you wish. But, remember that this specific part of your will only expresses your wishes. It does not impose any legal obligations on your executors.

Yes, drafting a trust can help protect your assets from future care facility costs and protect your home.

There are currently no provisions in England and Wales inheritance law for unmarried or unregistered civil partnership partners. Therefore, you should write down your preferences in a will if you are unmarried and want your partner to inherit from you after you die.

A will you previously had will be revoked immediately when you marry or form a registered civil partnership. If you have specific language in your will about your upcoming marriage or civil partnership, this is the only way it won't be revoked by any event.

If you have recently married or entered into a civil partnership, it is essential that you draft a new will.

Indeed, you can.

A professional executor service is provided by OrangeLegal Services. Consequently, people who want to avoid the financial and legal burden of probate after their loved ones die often choose this option. Furthermore, OrangeLegal's will writing service London does not charge if you name them as an executor in your will. Before any action is taken, your executor and I agree to a fixed charge. This is for if we assume the role of executor after your death.

Based on the size and complexity of your estate, our probate fixed fee price is determined after you pass.

Your will should be kept in a safe place that your executor is aware of. When you draft a will with us, we can safely keep the original document.  For the duration of your life at no extra cost. As an alternative, you can decide to keep your will.

If OrangeLegal Services holds your will, your executor must contact us to let us know when you die. The original will can then be released from our secure storage location, if that is convenient for you.

We will verify the executor's identity, and provide free support and guidance to ensure they understand their responsibilities. Additionally, if needed, we can provide our expert support.

It is true that a will can be contested. 'Can my will be successfully challenged?' real question

There is minimal justification for contesting a will if it names your closest relatives and dependents, such as your spouse, civil partner and children. However, there is a good chance that your will will be contested if you leave someone who could benefit from it. If there are allegations that you lack mental capacity, or if you were influenced or coerced in the process of making your will.

Having your will properly drafted by a Solicitors Regulation Authority-regulated will writing specialist can help reduce the chances of a successful challenge. Additionally, a well-written will has a high chance of surviving any potential legal challenges.

It's also important to discuss your wishes with your loved ones, especially if you plan to leave them.

This avoids inquiries about your intentions after you pass. Additionally, one option is to send a letter to your executors explaining why you left a particular person out of your will. It can be saved with your will and is referred to as a letter of wish.

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